VOCAL – Newfoundland


Jean Hewson and Dana Brothers will be hosting a Lyme info session 2:00 p.m., Sunday, June 4th at the MMAP Gallery on the 2nd floor of the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John’s Newfoundland.

We have decided that one of our priorities will be to try and create a network of Lyme sufferers and their supporters here in the province. Dana is the only person I know personally living in NL who has been diagnosed with Lyme, but I’m certain that there are others, and that there are many like me who are being investigated.

Here are the details – https://www.facebook.com/events/1687303961575707/

VOCAL – Edmonton, Alberta

VOCAL Edmonton- Voices of Canadians About Lyme, a Nation-Wide Lyme Disease Awareness Campaign

Please come out and show your support. Dress in lime green as well!! (Beside the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market). Bring as many people with you as you can. Strength in numbers!

When: Saturday June 3, 2017, 9:00-4:00*

Where: Dr Wilbert McIntyre Park, 8303 104 St NW, Edmonton

Why? : To bring awareness to Canadians about Lyme Disease and the other vector/tick spread co-infections and their symptoms, treatments, and prevention of Lyme disease and co-infections. Lyme disease is the #1 world wide spreading vector borne illness and is at epidemic numbers. Our medical system is behind and failing to recognize and treat this disease.

*guest speaker at noon

Contact:  Kim Zapesocki – kimberlydawnspears@yahoo.ca

VOCAL – Quebec City, Quebec

The Quebec VOCAL event will be held on Parliament Hill on Saturday, June 3rd from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

There will be guest speakers, an information desk, music and singers, and fun for adults and children.

Come learn more about Lyme and tick borne diseases in Quebec!

Contact:  Rachel Guignard – futursoins@yahoo.ca

VOCAL – Victoria/Vancouver Island – CANCELLED

The Victoria/Vancouver Island VOCAL event will be held at the Fairfield United Church, 1303 Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC from 1-3 pm.

The Agenda is still being finalized but speakers include Dr. Maria Boorman, ND and Dr. Ted Cormode, retired, as well as the personal stories of people living with Lyme and tick borne diseases.

There will also be a Q&A session.

VOCAL – Ottawa, Ontario

VOCAL Ottawa: Voices of Canadians about Lyme disease

Join this Canada-wide initiative on Saturday June 3rd at Parliament Hill from 1-4 pm.

OUR GOAL: To raise awareness about this EVER growing silent epidemic to the general public, and to unite Canadians across Canada who are suffering from Lyme disease!

HOW CAN YOU HELP: Please continue to share this information, and invite your family and friends to join this event.

VOCAL (Voices of Canadians about Lyme) will be hosting events to raise awareness of Lyme disease including galas, walks, and demonstrations. We will be hosting an event on Parliament Hill; the seat of our federal government, and are inviting musical performers as well as speakers, including celebrity advocates, doctors and researchers! Our goal is to bring more recognition to the general public as to the risks and severity of Lyme disease, and to the plight of those living with Lyme disease.

Note: that we are a completely grass roots organizing committee comprised of people living with Lyme disease committed to bringing more awareness and action to this worldwide silent epidemic. We have several movements underway in Canada that are attempting to change this.

We have extended invitations to various people including journalists, Naturopathic Doctors, Researchers, celebrities living with Lyme disease, Canadians living with Lyme disease, authors, politicians, etc.

For more information please email vocalottawa@gmail.com