Wow! That was an amazing weekend of Lyme awareness/information events! It is awesome to look at all the photos on Facebook and elsewhere and realize that so many people, from all across Canada, banded together for this amazing event.

Well done folks!

There were some issues. I’m not going to lie. We should have had a website where every event could be noted and which would have been easy for all folks to follow and obtain information, not just folks on Facebook. Unfortunately, I’m not overly computer savvy; however, I would suggest to whomever runs it next year that a website is put together first and foremost. Preferably sooner, rather than later. In other words – now.

There were amazing speakers from all over North America and even more amazing speakers from within each of the provinces that participated. Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to many folks, yet many stepped up to the plate to help get the word out. The personal, powerful stories by people dealing with tick borne diseases truly makes this issue hit home. It could be you! It could be your child! It could be anyone!

It would be amazing to keep this momentum going and to start as soon as possible disseminating all of the valuable insight that everyone obtained while organizing their respective events so that we can pull together a list of do’s and don’ts for next year.

A recommended timeline to help get things organized for next year would also be a great help. Some folks have never organized an event before and some have not organized an event of the magnitude of VOCAL. All help would be appreciated.

Let’s continue to be VOCAL!

VOCAL – Sackville, New Brunswick

Dr. Vett Lloyd’s lab at Mount Allison University, in Sackville, New Brunswick is hosting an open lab day on Saturday, June 3rd, as part of the VOCAL events happening across Canada.

From 1-3pm, anyone in the area is welcome to drop into the lab and see some ticks and hear how they test them.

Mount Allison University, with support of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, has formed a Lyme Disease Research Mode.  – https://www.mta.ca/Community/Research_and_creative/Tick_and_Lyme_disease_research/Tick___Lyme_disease_research/

VOCAL – Newfoundland


Jean Hewson and Dana Brothers will be hosting a Lyme info session 2:00 p.m., Sunday, June 4th at the MMAP Gallery on the 2nd floor of the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John’s Newfoundland.

We have decided that one of our priorities will be to try and create a network of Lyme sufferers and their supporters here in the province. Dana is the only person I know personally living in NL who has been diagnosed with Lyme, but I’m certain that there are others, and that there are many like me who are being investigated.

Here are the details – https://www.facebook.com/events/1687303961575707/